Chicks, Man (1999)

The first feature film from JK Productions.  

Produced as a part of Panavision's New Filmmaker program and
Kodak's Champagne celebration and filmed on-location in New
Mexico, this 35mm feature film was an ambitious undertaking.

After an award winning run through the film festival circuit,
RITES program which featured films by first time filmmakers.

from his girlfriend, Jack (Aaron Priest) decides to throw
trouble than he knows what to do with -- he can't get rid of his
Rhonda, and he can't reconcile the
fact that he's in love with his close friend
Kelly. Meanwhile,
Rod (Scott Roberts), Jack's metal-head roommate, can't
land a date to save his life; a pass at a stranger at a party
leads to a fight with her boyfriend, and a dinner with
Kelly and
his best friend ends in chaos.
The Cast:

Rod  -  Scott D. Roberts
Jack  -  Aaron Priest
Kelly  -  Robia LaMorte
Sarina  -  Krista Gano
Nick  -  Nick Wechsler
Rhonda  -  Stephanie Paternostro
Stephanie  -  Renee Humphrey
Producer - Krista Gano
Executive Producer - Harris Tulchin
Music - David Stout
"Chicks, Man" Trailer